Frequenty Asked Questions:

Why do I need ImmunoSIL?

ImmunoSIL helps support your immune system.  Many use it as a first line of defense.

By not getting enough silver in your diet (especially the right form) you are leaving yourself susceptible to harmful pathogens. Simply put, you’ll get sick and it will take longer to get better!


How does ImmunoSIL work?

ImmunoSIL is a revolutionary product that is non-toxic, yet a powerful and safe alternative to aid in supporting immune systems by fighting off harmful bacteria, yeasts and many viruses. Numerous tests at major U.S. universities and commercial labs, such as Brigham Young University, Analytical Resource Laboratory, have shown how ImmunoSIL, helps aid in killing strains of problematic micro-organisms like Staph, TB, Strep, E-coli, Salmonella, a number of yeasts, malaria and even the anthrax spore.


How quickly will it work?

ImmunoSIL begins to protect your immune system immediately and is eliminated within 48 hours of usage.

Suggested use

Adults: 1 tsp daily 1- 3x a daily

Children: ¼ to ½ tsp daily

Effective as a topical treatment – see the free ebook for details, call or email with questions.  We are here for you!


How long will one bottle last?

Depending on your required dosage, a bottle will last approximately one month.


Is ImmunoSIL safe for elderly people and children?

Yes. ImmunoSIL is 100% safe when used as directed.


Will ImmunoSIL cause any side effects?

When used as directed, studies indicate there are no side effects. ImmunoSIL is almost tasteless, odorless, and most importantly does not harm the good bacteria in your body, but rather it targets and eliminates only the harmful pathogens.

How ImmunoSIL is different

The body eliminates 90-99% of the silver within two days, rather than metabolizing it, which is why it’s safe for human consumption when used as directed.

ImmunoSIL leaves tissue-cell enzymes intact.  The low silver concentrations work catalytically, not chemically, offering a nice alternative to users who are looking for a safer, homeopathic remedy without side effects.

Most ionic and colloidal silver products work by chemical action and can be problematic to the human system. ImmunoSIL works by catalytic action and is not metabolized by the body. In fact it is estimated that up to 99% of the silver particles in ImmunoSIL are expelled from the body within 48 hours and greater than 99% expelled within 1 week.


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