ImmunoSIL is a new generation of silver, surpassing old silver technology.  ImmunoSIL Nano Silver illiminates all concerns of the past. ImmunoSIL provides new hope combined with unique benefits to the consumer, allowing them to live a healthy and happy life compliments of an heightened immune support system!   ImmunoSIL was PROVEN SAFE! 

This is key…and unlike antibiotics…Silver kills only bacteria that is anaerobic or nitrogen breathing.  This means the oxygen breathing good bacteria is not harmed!

How ImmunoSIL is different:

A.  This new generation of silver has a unique patented coating wherein the silver particle is attracted to the surrounding water molecules.  This allows the silver to become part of the structure of the water thus making the silver much more stable and biovailable than other forms of silver.

B.  Multiple modes of action – Particles have the ability to steal multiple electrons (compared to Ionic silvers which only steal one).  This means it has super powers!

C.  Each particle is permanently embedded with a resonant fequency allowing the particles to have a positive effect on things without needing direct contact with them.  Basically the force is with them!

Previous concerns with skin turning blue is simply NOT possible with this type of silver or many others!  New technology and silver that is not salt based makes this impossible and again,  ImmunoSIL has been proven safe!  Enough said, right?

Customer testimonials tell the story better than studies, which are honestly complicated and difficult to understand unless you are a scientist. When we get sick, our first thought is how we can get better as quickly as possible. ImmunoSIL is a safe and effective first line of defense for fighting off bacteria, viruses, disease, and parasites!

Simply put, when we get sick, we see a doctor and are given antibiotics. We don’t care how they work, just that they do. History shows us that silver was the first antibiotic, both safe and effective. Those that swear by silver, know it is safe, effective and often used in combination with antibiotics. ImmunoSIL is the instant choice for use on minor cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions and anything you don’t want to get infected. ImmunoSIL can be applied both topically and ingested internally for maximum benefits.


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